Strip Flying at Marlborough Aero Club aircraft in Marlborough NZ

Introduction to Strip Flying (Basic) – 2 hours flight time

A brief and basic introduction to strip flying for those on a limited budget or time frame.

Basic airstrip flying techniques will be shown, and several circuits at two local airstrips. For those new to strip flying, this course is not intended to give you all the skills required – simply to whet your appetite and show you what is available!

Marlborough Aero Club aircraft in Marlborough NZ

Basic Strip Flying Course - 5 hours flight time

This course will give you the skills to fly a stabilized approach using only nose attitude as a reference, and consistently touch down very close to a given touchdown point, at precisely a nominated airspeed.

You will spend most of the flying time off airport, on 4 or 5 local airstrips of varying characteristics and degrees of difficulty.

This course is run over two days.

Aircraft at Marlborough Aero Club in Marlborough NZ

Advanced Strip Flying Course – an additional 3 hours over and above Basic Course

The skills gained in this additional module follow on from the basic strip flying course and will take your flying to a new level of confidence and ability.

We cover one-way strips, sloping strips of varying degrees, curved strips, restricted visibility approaches, discuss how to determine go around points, dealing with tailwind on take-off and landing, mountain flying techniques, and many other subjects along the way.

Aircraft at Marlborough Aero Club in Marlborough NZ

You Choose

If none of the above options suit you, or maybe you want to fly in your own aircraft, please give us a call to discuss. We are more than happy to tailor an individual plan to suit exactly what you want. We can also offer instruction in your own aircraft, which is often very beneficial rather than learning in an unfamiliar aircraft type.