If you are planning a short-term trip to New Zealand but would still like to do some flying around New Zealand two options exist.

Option 1

Is to fly dual with a qualified New Zealand instructor for every flight you undertake in New Zealand. Our instructors are available join you on any scenic flight or cross-country flight. We can use our skills and local knowledge to take you into airstrips and beaches around the region. Experiencing the best possible views. Picnic options are available, to make the most of landing in some of the most beautiful spots in the country.

Option 2

Is to complete an application for a foreign licence validation. This validation permit is valid for a maximum of 6 months and requires the applicant to sit a BFR in one of the aircraft types you plan on flying during this 6-month period. You will only be allowed to fly aircraft you have previous experience in (e.g., no new aircraft type ratings can be issued on a foreign licence validation). A practical test is required to be sat with a NZ ‘A’ or ‘B’ Category instructor (BFR) and a form filled out with copies of your current overseas licence, medical, logbook pages providing evidence of type of aircraft flown, evidence of terrain awareness/mountain flying experience to PPL level and evidence of Aviation Language Proficiency to a Level 4 and a fee of $197.00*. The application will take up to 10 working days to be completed and a foreign validation permit to be issued.

If you would like to convert your licence to a permanent New Zealand licence the following is required:

≫ A copy of your current overseas Flight Crew Licence
≫ A copy of your current overseas Medical Certificate if applying for a NZ PPL or a NZ CAA Medical Examination Class One for those wanting to convert to a NZ CPL
≫ Copy of a completed NZ BFR (flight test conducted by a NZ ‘A’ or ‘B’ Category instructor) for the issue of a NZ PPL or a copy of a completed NZ CPL Flight Test (conducted by an ‘A’ Category Flight Examiner for the issue of a NZ CPL.
≫ Copy of a pass in NZ Air Law for the issue of a NZ CPL.
≫ Copy of assessment letter from Aviation Services LTD for the issue of a NZ CPL.
≫ Completed fit and proper person questionnaire (including criminal history report from any countries you have resided in for 6 months or more in the last 5 years).
≫ Proof of Aviation Language Proficiency to at least a Level 4.
≫ Fee of $231.00* and a processing time of 10 days working days.

*Fees subject to change. Current as at 1st December 2023

For more information on overseas licence conversions