Landing Fees

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

Omaka Airfield is owned and operated by the Marlborough Aero Club. It comes at a cost to the Club to maintain the airfield for the benefit of all those who use the airfield, and your landing fee helps with this upkeep.

Annual one-off fee is available for unlimited landings to club members and other operators who use the airfield regularly. Please contact if you wish to take advantage of this option.

Fixed Wing $10 - covers unlimited landings same day.
Helicopters $10 - covers unlimited landings same day.

Payment Options:

The Honest Way

  • Pay (cash) at the Avgas or Jet A1 pumps using the envelopes provided in the Payment Boxes.
  • Pay at the Aeroclub Flight Office reception when open (Generally, 0800-1700 daily except during Christmas and New Year closure).
  • Direct Debit to our account within 3 days of the landing using your aircraft registration as Payee Reference. Click here for Direct Debit.
  • Use the QR code located on signs around the airfield.

The Dishonest Way

Don't want to do any of the above? Then SMILE - you and your aircraft are on camera. After 7 days the registered owner of the aircraft (as listed on the NZCAA website) will be sent an invoice for $45. This covers the landing fee of $10 and processing fee of $35.

Parking Fees - Aircraft and Helicopters

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

Please see Operational Page or NZAIP OMAKA GROUND MOVEMENTS for designated parking areas.

  • 1-7 Days Free of Charge.
  • 8+ Days $15/week or part week.
  • Long Term - please see the Flight Office or contact to arrange a picket. Cost is $50/month.

Payment Options:

  • As for landing fees
  • Long Term parking can be invoiced monthly. Please contact the Flight Office.

Parking Fees - Vehicles

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

*Available for Club Members Only*

A designated area in the Private Hangar precinct has been set aside for 16 car parks for the benefit of those members who live out of Marlborough but wish to keep a vehicle here. It is also available to those members who wish to leave their vehicle at the club when flying out of the area for a period of time.

Please contact or phone the Club to be allocated a Parking spot number.

  • Long Term $115/year.
  • Short Term 1-7 days free thereafter $5/week or part week.

Payment Options:

  • Flight Office.
  • Long Term parking will be invoiced.

Hangar Fees

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

The M.A.C Hangar may be available, subject to space. Please note that the hangar is not bird proof and hangarage is at the owner's risk.

Small Aircraft

  • Overnight $10
  • Weekly $60
  • Monthly $230

Large Aircraft (Cessna Caravan or Larger / Twin Engine)

  • Overnight $25
  • Weekly $125
  • Monthly $500

For availability, please contact the Flight Office or the CFI.

Biennial Flight Review

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

Need your BFR? Contact the club to make your booking or phone 03 578 5073.

Private Aircraft

  • Instructor Time - Flight Check $80.50/hr
  • Instructor Ground Time and BFR processing fee $77

Club Aircraft

  • Dual Rate - Flight Check
  • Instructor Ground Time and BFR processing fee $77

Trial Flights and Vouchers

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

We offer 30-minute Trial Flights with one of our Instructors to get you 'hooked' on the flying bug.

  • PA38 Tomahawk (2 seater) $125
  • C172 Cessna (4 seater) $150

Please contact the Club to make your booking or phone 03 578 5073.

Click here to purchase a voucher online.

Aircraft Rates

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST *subject to change)

3 x PA38 Tomahawk (2 seater)

  • Solo $228/hr
  • Dual $269/hr

1 x C172 (4 seater)

  • Solo $294/hr
  • Dual $328/hr

1 x PA28 Cherokee (4 seater)

  • Solo $287
  • Dual $327

1 x PA22 Piper Pacer Tail Wheel (4 seater)

  • Solo $248
  • Dual $318

Instructor Rates

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

Privately Owned Aircraft

  • Flight instruction $80.50/hr
  • Ground Supervision $40/hr

Club Aircraft

  • Flight Instruction is included in the Dual Rate.

Adhoc Ground Courses

  • Fees will be notified when advertising ground courses.

Membership Fees

(Effective 1 December 2023 and inclusive of GST)

Marlborough Aeroclub is affiliated with Flying NZ. Therefore we have 2 types of memberships available.

Flying Membership - this includes the Club membership and the Flying NZ membership ($34.50) which is subsided by M.A.C.

Social Membership - this is for the Club membership only. If you are a member of another Aeroclub and have already paid your Flying NZ fee, then this is the membership for you.

Both Memberships give access to the Marlborough Aeroclub Facilities including the Clubhouse Bar as well as other benefits such as the discounted landing fees package for members.

  • Flying Member $190/year
  • Social Member $155/year

Click here to download the Membership Form and once you have completed this, take it to the Aeroclub Reception at Omaka Airfield.

Membership is valid 1 April - 31st March of the year following. If you join the club on or after October of each year, then your fee will be pro-rata for the remaining months of that term and thereafter invoiced annually.

Course Fees

See Learning To Fly or click here for Course Fees