• Young Eagles programme at Marlborough Aero Club in Marlborough NZ

Young Eagles is an international movement, supported in NZ by the national body – Flying NZ – and locally by Marlborough Aero Club with the object of introducing young people (between the ages of 12 and 17) to all aspects of aviation.

Through this we hope to encourage them to consider a career in aviation not only private recreational flying. In general, there is no specific charge for any of our activities and at Omaka we intend to provide monthly meetings plus some flying opportunities.

We meet on the last Saturday of each month (except December) from 10am to midday, usually at the Aero Club Flight Office and our programme is always aviation-based and usually hands-on.

Twice a year (at least) we organise “flying days” when there is an opportunity to share short local flights with volunteer Club pilots at a small cost and we have a scheme where some members can do “work to fly” - for example, helping to sweep through the hanger or washing aircraft in return for being passenger for some flying time.

After the first three meetings as a guest, we present new members with a flying log (a record of meetings attended as well as flights and other achievements) and a Flying Eagles cap.

There are various competitions including national scholarships – the Ross MacPherson Scholarship which gives a prize of $2,500 worth of lessons at the local club and the John Pearce Scholarship worth over $4000. We've had local winners in each category!

If this appeals to you or someone you know, go online to the website www.flyingnz.co.nz and look under Young Eagles to get more information. 

If you’d like to sign up to our Young Eagles programme then email our co-ordinator: youngeaglesmac@gmail.com